Friday, February 8, 2013

Bible Gateway

Do you know Bible Gateway? If you do I do hope that you are utilizing this website. If not let me tell you why it is a great site to bookmark.

  • Keyword Search
Need a verse for a certain issue? Kinda remember a verse but forgot the address? Use the keyword search and you can look for that information in countless versions.

  • Topical Index
This is a great tool when you need to cross reference many verses in the Bible for a particular topic. If you look up love, you will have 686 verses pop up. There are 124 verses mentioning grace. 

  • Commentaries and Dictionaries
Those are great tools for more in-depth study. If you need help understanding a more complex passage or the Bible or need a different perspective, commentaries are great. 

  • Reading plans and devotionals
Daily time in the Word is crucial for personal growth and personal sanity. There is nothing like reading His promises for the day that allows you to face any challenges. Bible Gateway has a variety of reading plans and devotionals suited just for you!