Friday, July 5, 2013

I can do all things.....

When the end of the school year comes I breathe a sigh of relief..... No more getting up super early, packing lunches, making sure all the homework is done, staying on track with projects and field trips. The list goes on and on and on......

I crave the summer days when the schedule is more relaxed and consist of getting up and seeing what the day has to offer.

On my run this morning I finished with Matthew West's song "Strong Enough". In the song he explains how he knows that he is not strong enough but that he can do all things through Christ.
At the end of the school year I know that I am not strong enough and yet I feel overwhelmed and tired. Can I really do all things through HIM?

Then it dawned on me that I can do all things that God wants me to do. He will give me the strength to day to face what He needs me to face.

I do pray over my to do list (sometimes) but I rarely ask God to prioritize things for me. What does He want me to do today.

I can do all things {insert all things that God needs me to do, that are in His will}. 

If you are feeling stressed and stretched out and running on empty, ask yourself the one thing that you are doing that is not within His will. Sometimes it is something simple like not doing ALL the laundry at once or plan a fancy meal on a soccer nights.

Slow down. Breathe. Smell the roses. 

You will soon realize that you can do ALL THINGS that matter through HIM!